Sarkari Ujala: Most searched Govt. Job portal

Sarkari Ujala
Sarkari Ujala

Sarkari Ujala is a Hindi language based online platform that provides information, resources and other necessary details related to any government vacancies, education or schemes in India.

The platform has a comprehensive database of Govt. vacancies ranging from central to state government with detailed information on each job opening including eligibility criteria, application process, exam patterns, study materials etc.

It was launched in year 2008 by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Govt. of India to help the aspirants who search for Govt. jobs and entrance examinations.

Sarkari Ujala

Sarkari Ujala is a Hindi language based free online platform launched in 2008 by DOPT, Govt. Of India providing all the information related to the Govt. job openings in both Central and State agencies to the aspirants looking for vacancies. With a thorough database of Govt. employment, job descriptions, eligibility criteria, application process and test results, Sarkari Ujala stands apart from other job portals. The platform also provides news and updates about various govt. positions with job descriptions.

Advantages of Sarkari Ujala

  • The platform’s database is so huge that it covers all Govt. based job openings in various departments, PSUs, Banks across the country with each and every detailing of the job including application process, eligibility criteria, exam patterns and other details.
  • The platform is available for free and there are no subscription charges applicable to access be it the browsing or the job application process.
  • The platform offers its Users customized alerts for specific job categories, location and key words along with career guidance articles, interview guides exam tips and sample resumes that become relevant in exam preparations.
  • Users can connect to other job seekers, share their views and ask questions in Sarkari Ujala community that helps in motivating each other to bring out their best in the competitive exams to qualify for any govt. job openings.
  • If one is applying through Sarkari Ujala, his profile reaches a larger pool of potential employers as compared to individual Govt. websites.
  • It is a mobile friendly application accessed any time anywhere with a good internet speed.
  • The platform offers direct links to apply for different Govt. job openings thus saves times and efforts of the users.

Services offered by Sarkari Ujala

Sarkari Ujala
Sarkari Ujala

Services offered by Sarkari Ujala are as follows-

  • Job Search– Due to its massive database covering all the departments of both Central and State agencies, PSUs and banks, it is a convenient way to get information about the job openings with every single detail and apply at one go.
  • Exam Preparation– Sarkari Ujala provides number of resources to help the aspirants who are looking for Government Jobs and the competitive exams to qualify. These resources include online courses study materials practice papers mock tests etc. to help them perform better.
  • Career Guidance– Sarkari Ujala offers various career guidance articles that help the aspirants to make them understand their potential so that they can put the right efforts in achieving their goal.
  • Community Forum– The community forum of Sarkari Ujala plays a crucial role in the career making process of the aspirants. At this forum the aspirants can connect to each other, share their experiences and ask questions to clear doubts.

To get information about the different services offered by Sarkari Ujala, one should check the latest and reliable sources associated to the platform.

Govt. services may vary accordingly and may include areas such as-

  • Job Listings– providing information about the job openings and recruitment processes and applying online for various Govt. programs.
  •  Policies Information– providing details about different Govt. policies and initiatives.
  • Educational resources– providing information about educational programs, scholarships and opportunities.
  •  Documents Access– Allowing users to access and download the official documents.

Apart from these services, the portal also offers platform for citizen feedback on Govt. services, information about different healthcare programs, E- governance services Agricultural services and other Public Welfare programs.

Job Alerts and Application Process

  • Job alerts are the first step to apply or enroll for any openings as these are promoted through the official websites of the corresponding govt. ministries, organizations PSUs or advertisements and print media.
  • Users should read the job notifications carefully first to get every details of the job be it the age limit, eligibility criteria and other specifics.
  • The official application form can be obtained from the recruiter’s source. The application form is available on the recruiting agency’s official website to download.
  • Fill out the application form with every precise and comprehensive detail as asked by the recruiter. Follow the instructions carefully with regard to the necessary paperwork, the size of the photo, and any other particulars.
  • If applicable, remit the application fee as indicated in the job announcement. Depending on the type of job and the category (General, SC/ST, OBC, etc.), the application fee varies.
  • Send your filled application form to the mailing address enclosed with the needed paperwork, pictures, and application fee receipt (if applicable). This could be submitted either physically to allotted centers or online via the official website.
  •  An admit card or hall pass for the test or interview is allotted if you satisfy the prerequisites. This will contain information regarding the selection process date, time, and location.
  • Candidates for Govt. jobs must pass a written test. Depending on the position, the exam papers could be essay-style questions, multiple-choice questions, or both.
  • Candidates may be required to attend assessments, skill tests, physical fitness tests, or interviews, depending on the positions.

How to use Sarkari Ujala?

Tips to use Sarkari Ujala are as follows

  • Create your profile– Once you have created the profile, you can start browsing job openings and other government initiatives or programs launched. You can also activate job alerts option to get notifications about the job openings.
  • Use search filters– The search filters on Sarkari Ujala helps in customizing your search results. You can customize your job type location department as your wish.
  • Read the Job Description carefully to be sure about the recruitment before applying.
  • You can use the additional resources available at the portal to ease your job search. These resources can be helpful in interview preparations, resume improvements and many more.


Sarkari Ujala portal is an ideal platform for the aspirants who are seeking any job opportunities in to different Govt. departments PSUs or Banks. Its user friendly interface allows the users to access the huge database of Govt. sectors with much transparency and inclusivity for their dream job opportunities. The additional advantage of this portal is it offers study materials test papers and other necessary details to the aspirants so that prepare thoroughly to qualify the exam.

The platform provides real time updates about job openings or other initiatives of both the central and state Govt. agencies. It is one of the most accessed Govt. Job Portals of India operating successfully since 2008 and its credibility and reputation due to its reliability among users is truly commendable.

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