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Peter Weber
Peter Weber

Weber began his first season on the pro circuit in 1979 and took part in 21 tour events, including one T.V. appearance. In 1980, Weber was named Rookie of the Year.

Weber and bowling

Dick Weber, a member of the original PBA and a 1975 inductee into the PBA Hall of Fame, is the father of Pete Weber. During the course of his career, Weber won 30 PBA Tour events and 6 PBA Senior Tour events.

Despite the regal expectations of being the son of Dick Weber, Pete Weber quickly established himself as a person, eventually surpassing his father’s career PBA Tour titles (counting the Senior Tour) in 1998.

Weber Career

Weber joined the PBA Tour (Under 17) in 1979 and immediately made his presence known. Although he didn’t win the title in his first season, he was successful enough to win the PBA Rookie of the Year in 1980.

Soon after, he started packing titles. At 24, he became the youngest player in PBA Tour history to win 10 titles, and at 26, he already achieved the Triple Crown (U.S. Open and PBA National Championship, now PBA World Championship). At the end of the 2010-2011 PBA Tour season, he is one of six bowlers in history to complete the Triple Crown.

All-Time Rankings and Discrimination

Weber is one of two bowlers to earn over $3 million on the PBA Tour, ranked second to Walter Ray Williams Jr. His 35 titles from the 2010-2011 seasons were Earl Anthony (43) and Williams (47).
If Weber can win the Tournament of Champions once, he will become the first bowler to complete the Triple Crown twice and joins three bowlers (with Don Carter and Dick Weber) to win the U.S. Open four times.

Weber won the USBC Masters from the great super slam once achieved by Mike Aulby, including winning five different majors (the current four majors and the now-defunct Touring Players Championship) that Weber won in 1992.

Bowling Styles and Attributes

His high backswing and rev rate come from a smooth, deceptively effortless delivery known as a power stroke.

During play, particularly following significant strikes and spares, Weber reacted to his signature gesture (much like that seen in WWE).

Has Pete Weber retired from bowling?

On the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) National Tour, the illustrious bowler bowled his final frame before announcing his retirement. Before he took the stage, he posted about it on his Facebook. In the final frame of his career, Webber was emotionally bowling because he had lost his first match.

Peter Weber bowling technique

• His technique is a power stroker, which combines a cranker’s powerful backswing and rapid rev rate with a stroker’s smooth timing.

• He also covers his bowling hand with a golf glove. He frequently does the D Generation-X crotch chop when he scores a critical strike. Growing up, Weber looked up to Mark Roth, a pioneering force in the sport who encouraged Pete to hook the ball more than his father ever did.

• Weber left high school after his tenth grade year. When he was 17 years old, right before beginning the PBA Tour, he earned his General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

• Since 1996, he has been wed to Tracy, his third wife. They are parents of three kids.

• When bowling, Weber has various superstitions, such as always sitting in the same position, never having Tracy wear red on television, and folding his towel in the same manner.

• On April 13, 1991, Weber had his most embarrassing live television incident. On November 7, 2006, he recounted to Sports Illustrated that “I went to raise the U.S. Open [BPAA] trophy over my head after I won it in 1991. When the eagle fell, it broke into a million pieces. People approached and took chunks to go.”

• He enjoys following the Cardinals and Blues, two of St. Louis’ professional sports clubs.

• He has acknowledged being a major fan of wrestling, especially the WWE. His favourite wrestler is Triple H, and he likes the theme songs for CM Punk and Triple H. He was a great personality and still lives in the hearts of his fans.

Quick Know About Peter Weber Bowler

Born: 21 August 1962 (age 60 years), Saint Ann, Missouri, United States
Spouse: Tracy Weber (m. 1997)
Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Nickname(s): PDW
League: PBA
Parents: Dick Weber, Juanita Delk
Siblings: John Weber, Paula Weber, Richard Weber


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