Emily Vakos is Anthony Rizzos wife- Bio, Children, and her Net Worth

emily vakos
emily vakos

Emily Vakos is wife of well know celibately Anthony Rizzo’s. She’s worked in blogging and real estate before. Anthony Rizzo is a famous MLB first baseman. Three-time All-Star, he’s won the Platinum Glove and Roberto Clemente Awards. Since then, when she met her spouse in the spring of 2016, she gave him a false phone number. His persistence paid off, yet he kept chasing his goals.

Emily Vakos’ Biography

Emily Vakos was born in Dallas, Texas, in January 1994 to Mark Vakos and Stephanie Sudwischer. Although she was raised in the United States, no one knows if she has any siblings or anything about her early life. She attended Arizona State University after high school and earned a nutrition and food management degree there.

Does Emily Vakos Have Children?

Anthony Rizzo, Emily’s husband, does not yet have their children. Because the pair is so fond of children, we won’t have to wait long until we hear the cries of the little ones. It’s easy to assume that the couple is great with kids because they are frequently pictured on social media with their nieces and nephews, whom they adore.

How much does Emily Vakos make as a realtor?

Most of Emily Vakos‘ estimated $300,000 net worth comes from her work as a real estate broker. As of the end of his successful MLB career in July 2021, Anthony Rizzo’s net worth is estimated at $27 million. In addition, he has earned more than $39 million in wages.

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How Much Do You Know About Emily Vakos?

1- Emily Vakos was a food blogger

During her college years, she began her site, Food-11-2, where she would post recipes, health-related articles, and other food-related content.

2- Emily Vakos worked at a boutique

Vakos felt compelled to begin working as a sales associate for Mal Malouf Boutique as soon as she finished her education.

3- What does Emily Vakos do now?

Despite her husband’s fame and fortune, Vakos prefers to work for herself. She became a real estate broker after interning at Scottsdale Unified School. Emily enjoys travelling with her spouse to LAOS, Vietnam, and Thal Land.

4- a strong presence on social media.

Compared to her spouse, Emily is a slacker in keeping up with social media. Social media accounts belonging to her have been put into “private” status. to ward off the public’s gaze.

5- In June of 2017, Emily Vakos announced her engagement.

When Rizzo proposed to Vakos in June 2017, the two quickly began arranging their wedding, which they finally tied the knot on December 20, 2018, after a few more dates. The two started dating three years ago.

6- Vakos and her husband (anthony rizzo) took in a dog as a foster.

With their newfound love, Emily and her husband decided to call their new dog Kevin, and they couldn’t be happier.

7- Hodgkin’s lymphoma was found in her husband.

Anthony Rizzo, Emily’s spouse, diagnosed him with restricted status classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma in April. Anthony and his family struggled since his grandma had breast cancer. On September 2, Rizzo’s doctor told him he was in remission but still had tests, therapy, and more testing to finish. Later that year, his doctor told him to live normally. 2012 saw the foundation’s inception. Rizzo’s family, friends, and management team administer a non-profit organisation that supports cancer research and cancer families.

8- Chelsea Smith dated Vakos’s husband before.

Anthony Rizzo was linked to several women before meeting his wife. Chelsea Smith is rumored to have been Rizzo’s ex-girlfriend. Word spread as soon as they were spied together at a 2013 event.

9- Emily Vakos height and Emily Vakos body measurement

In terms of physical appearance, the 92-year-old celebrity wife stands 5′ 5″ (1.65 meters) tall, with gorgeous brown eyes and hair.

10- Emily Vakos husband is a philanthropist

In the past, Anthony Rizzo has been active in many charitable endeavors. The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation is the vehicle he conducts most of his philanthropic efforts. More than $850,000 was raised at the foundation’s 9th annual Walk-Off for Cancer on November 15, 2020.

Social Media

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