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Heyday customizes the shopping experience for customers on your e-commerce site by making product recommendations via chat. Heyday boats is a retail-focused Conversational AI platform created to make in-store experiences more enjoyable, individualized, and high-converting for customers. Their AI-powered chatbot provides immediate, self-serve first-line support for customers and triages interactions to route them to the appropriate expert when necessary, whether it’s an in-store associate or a customer service representative. Their market-leading technology is used by retail companies in 77 countries in sectors including fashion & apparel, home furnishings, beauty & cosmetics, food & beverages, and more.

Advancements in AI technology

According to a McKinsey study, knowledge employees attempt to locate the information they need to execute tasks for approximately 19 percent of their working hours. Professionals can organize their information using knowledge management systems, but doing so takes time away from more important activities.Samiur Rahman and Sam DeBrule, the co-founders of Heyday, developed it in 2021 to make it easier for professionals to manage the massive amount of online information. The company’s initial clientele now includes content marketers, startup founders, research analysts, investors, and other research experts.

What is Heyday expansion?

You can get the Heyday browser extension from Users apply the extension to their browsers and integrate their apps to get started. Then, Heyday imports documents, conversations, and links from Google Docs, Dropbox, Slack, and Twitter to improve already-existing workflows. For example, Heyday brings up previously-forgotten content alongside Google searches, overlays pages with pertinent articles and tweets, and automatically curates a knowledge base of subjects users spend the most time reading about. Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi all support Heyday.

Automation with a personal touch

The AI chatbot from Heyday serves as an immediate, continuous first point of contact, freeing your team from handling FAQs and order tracking inquiries. While we handle the rest, let your staff concentrate on higher-value client discussions. Heyday’s toolkit enables businesses to expand while being more effective.

Conversations can be filtered by department, high-value interactions can be given priority, and agents’ performance can be seen. View every single customer chat from every channel in one location. Instagram, Facebook Messenger, email, WhatsApp, and Google’s Business Messages are just a few of the numerous integrations Heyday offers. With Heyday, managing numerous brands, nations, departments, and channels is simple from a single dashboard.

Heyday boats facilitates learning and saves time by:

• Displaying content from earlier studies combined with pertinent Google search results enhances recollection and reduces time spent looking up information.

• Overlaying the articles, they’re reading with pertinent Tweets, articles, and papers to assist people in filling in research gaps and comprehending new subjects more quickly.

• To increase retention, create a knowledge base that automatically fills up information on the subjects they have spent the most time exploring.

There is an app called Heyday for busy people to write daily notes. The app makes entries on your behalf based on the locations you visit and the images you take. Heyday does an excellent job of putting your daily arrivals and departures into a timeline.

Heyday’s photo collages are its most vital feature. The software pulls photographs from your photo roll and organizes them according to time and place. These groupings are used to make collages, which are then added to your timeline as journal entries. Each moment is beautifully preserved by the app as captured in images. Shared through Facebook, Twitter, Mail, or Messages, these collages are available. They can also be saved to your photo album.

Final thoughts

Heyday is a study assistant driven by AI that raises your sense of intelligence by automatically surfacing information you may have forgotten. With Heyday, you can manage various brands, nations, departments, and channels in one location to organize your business, improve productivity, and satisfy customers.


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