What Are TJ Maxx Hours? What Is The Purpose Of The Shop?

Tj Maxx Hours

In the United States, TJ Maxx is a very popular shop for selling lots of things in an affordable price range. Here in this shop, people will get everything, including dresses, home decor items, shoes, handbags, and many other things. But what TJ Maxx hours is all about? A lot of people may not have a clear concept regarding the hours of the shop. If you have the same question in mind, then we will help you to know what TJ Maxx shop in the United States.

Tj Maxx hours are the working hours for the retail shop in the United States, and in the working time, the stop helps their customers to get things both online and offline. By visiting the shop personally, the customers will also be able to purchase their required things. In the USA, there are altogether 1250 stores available. Any one of the customers can visit any one of the shops to avail all of the latest shopping equipment and other necessary things.

What is TJ Maxx?

It is a shop which remains active for 24 hours in the United States. All of the native customers of the United States can visit the shop from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday to purchase any one of the things. Besides that, on Saturdays, it only remains available from 11 am to 6:00 pm for customers. You can buy your favorite handbags, dresses, shoes or any other fashionable things that you want to buy from it. In comparison with the other stores, this shop is telling all of the products in quite affordable ranges. This is the best part about the detail shop, which all of the audience likes it.

TJ Maxx Hours

Now here are the working hours for the retail shop and how they maintain the tj maxx hours in detail.

TJ Maxx Store HoursOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday09:00 AM9:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM9:00 PM
Wednesday09:00 AM9:00 PM
Thursday09:00 AM9:00 PM
Friday09:00 AM9:00 PM
Saturday09:00 AM9:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM6:00 PM

Opening And Closing Times Of TJ Maxx Hours

In the United States, the TJ Maxx is situated in Framingham, Massachusetts. In 1976, the shop was first established by a person who wished to become a successful entrepreneur. With the growing time in the United States and by providing quality products with affordable price ranges, it gained popularity. Talking about the opening and closing times of the shop, it remains available every Day. The shop remains available from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, but on Saturdays, the shop is only available from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. The shop is also popular among the audience by selling products like jewelery, handbags, shoes, dresses, Furniture, home decor items and many other things. 

TJ Maxx Hours For Saturday

If you want to know whether the shop TJ Maxx remains open for Saturday or not, then get the information here. Yes, of course, the shop TJ Max is available on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm; it is available for all of the customers.

TJ Maxx Hours For Sunday 

But talking about, particularly on Saturdays, the shop is available for a few hours only. Both the online and offline services are available from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, and the rest of the time, the shop remains closed for the customers. 

How Do TJ Maxx Hours Operate?

If you are in the United States, then it will be easier for you to find out any one of the stores of TJ Maxx. Besides that, to purchase the maximum number of quality products, you need to use the zip code, city name, and state name. By inserting all of these details, you can place your order online, or you can simply visit the shop by yourself. The huge collections will be available all the time in front of you, and according to your budget, you can buy any one of them. 

Important contact details of TJ MAXX hours

 Now, here we are mentioning some of the important contact details of TJ Maxx hours; if you need any kind of services or help, you can simply dial the numbers and get the service or help immediately.

  1. Customer Care Number: 1 (800) 926-6299
  2. For Online: 1-833-888-0776.
  3. Hours in Operation: Mon – Fri: 9 am – 6 pm EST.
  4. Headquarters: Framingham, Massachusetts, United States.
  5. Contact Number: 1-508-390-1000
  6. For in-store: 1-800-926-6299

Holiday Hours Of TJ Maxx

Now, here is a complete list for all of the customers regarding the holiday hours of TJ Maxx shops in the United States. By going through the whole holiday hours, each one of the individual customers will be able to know on which Day the shop will be available and on which Day it will be closed.

  1. On New Year’s Day, January 1, the store works in Regular Hours.
  2. Martin Luther King Day, which is celebrated on January 17, here the store works regularly.
  3. Presidents’ Day, which comes in the middle of Feb, here also, does work in Regular Hours.
  4. Veterans Day comes in Nov, and it does normally work, too, on that Day.
  5. But on Christmas Day, the store is closed every year.
  6. The Day after Christmas, the store works normally.
  7. Even on every New Year’s Eve, the store does work regularly.
  8. The Day before Thanksgiving, the store works normally.
  9. But on Thanksgiving, the store is closed.
  10. But on Black Friday, which comes around Nov, they do extend the hour, and it mostly opens at 8 am.
  11. On Christmas Eve, the store works on a normal basis.
  12. Good Friday comes around the middle of April, and here also, the store works normally.
  13. Easter, which comes around April or May, here the store is closed.
  14. Memorial Day comes at the end of May mostly. On this Day, it works normally.
  15. Independence Day comes on June 4 in the US, and it does work on a Regular Hours system.
  16. Labor Day comes around September, and the store works normally.
  17. Columbus Day happens in October, and it does make the store work normally.


These are the all-important things that the customers need to know about the TJ Maxx hours. We have also inserted the working hours of the shop on Saturdays and Sundays individually. At the same time, the customers will also be able to get information about the whole holiday list. Read the whole article as per your requirement and collect the information quickly.

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