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Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy and his allegations


A city defender named Benjamin Mendy has been in court for a hearing to face nine counts related to rape, one charge related to sexual assault, and one charge related to attempted rape in a trial scheduled to start in the next month.

Mendy, age 27, was found guilty of abusing five separate women between October 2020 and August 2021 and was sentenced to five months in jail for his crimes. Mendy’s misdeeds resulted in him receiving a sentence of five months in prison.

Back in January, he was granted bail, which allowed him to leave the county while awaiting the trial scheduled to take place later this year at Chester Crown Court, where the hearing taking place today is taking place.

The football player got up early today to make it to the courthouse in time to participate in the pre-trial hearing that will go on for the next two days.

Both Mendy, who is suspected of doing the crimes, and Louis Saha Matturie, who is forty years old and resides in Eccles, Greater Manchester, deny all of the charges that have been made against them. Mendy is accused of perpetrating the crimes. Louis Saha Matturie lives in Eccles.

Mendy is accused of what, exactly?

Mendy, who lives in Prestbury, Cheshire, is the subject of an investigation into nine charges of rape and one act of sexual assault. All of the alleged crimes were carried out against five different women. On October 11, 2020, it is said that three separate counts of rape took place; on January 2, 2021, it is reported that sexual contact took place; on July 24, 2021, it is said that two separate counts of rape took place; and on August 23, 2021, it is said that two different counts of rape took place.

Louis Saha Matturie, another defendant, was present.. He is 40 years old, is from Eccles in Greater Manchester, and is charged with seven charges of rape and one act of sexual assault.

A rape allegation and a sexual assault charge were allowed to be brought against Matturie on Thursday, as stated by the prosecutor, Ian Unsworth QC. Matturie is set to appear in court the following week regarding these new claims brought against him on Thursday. A decision has not yet been made regarding Matturie’s plea to be released on bond while she is being held in custody.

Mendy joined City in 2017 after the club paid Monaco a then-record price of £52 million to acquire his services. Mendy has played 75 games for City.Mendy moved to City from his home country of Monaco. After the allegations made against him were brought up, he was dismissed from the group.

Mendy’s bid for bail has already been turned down on each of these three occasions.

The decision to postpone the trial and release the prisoner on bail is thought by analysts to have been influenced by the postponement of the problem.

What date is Mendy’s trial scheduled for?

According to the plan that had been established from the very beginning, the trial of Mendy was meant to begin toward the end of January in the year 2022.

It is now common knowledge that he and the other guy charged with the crime will be tried together on July 25. The trial will take place in a combined session.

The two defendants have been remanded into the court’s custody until January 7, which is the date on which Judge Patrick Thompson will convene a fresh pre-trial hearing. The court will hold the defendants until then.

After being remanded in jail for five months, he was released on bond, and the conditions of his release included the requirements that he stays at his home address, refrain from contacting the complainant, and hand up to his passport. He was released on bond after being remanded in jail for five months.

How long was Mendy at Manchester City?

In 2017, Mendy left his home country of Monaco and moved to the City of Manchester. During his time with the club, the defender took part in each of the 50 matches and was a member of the side that won the Premier League in 2022. It was his second goal.

The defense attorney has been put on leave while the situation is being investigated, and this leave will continue while the investigation is ongoing.



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