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Almost everyone now has an internet connection or Wi-Fi network in houses. To get the most internet connection and high-speed connection, a Wi-Fi network is the most reliable thing. Each network has a specific IP address. It can be used for various purposes. Today, we are going to talk about the most important details regarding the piso wifi portal connection. If you are confused about the purpose of the network or wifi portal, then grab all of the details shortly here in this article.

Initially, for the readers, we will also provide the necessary details on what are the common issues, how to set up wifi, and what are the benefits of this wifi portal connection in your house. So, let’s get started and know the details quickly.

What is

In simple words, is an Internet connection that will help all Internet users access the Internet by purchasing Internet voucher connectivity from the Internet service provider. It plays the role of a private IP address. Through the advantage of the IP address or router connection, all internet users will be able to make changes in many settings. Internet connection users will be able to change their IP address, password, and security at any time. At the same time, the wifi portal will also help internet users to access the Web-based configuration page. Even users will be able to make changes to the original IP address. 

If you want to build a secure and safe internet connection, whether to your house or your office, you can take advantage of It is a great option for all internet users to get access to the Internet through a wireless internet connection.

Significance of 

To experience a high internet connection, all of the internet users are required to take advantage of Ethernet cable. The IP address of this particular wifi portal connection will help the internet users to change their settings. One can also purchase the Ethernet cable from any one of the electronic stores. You can observe the 8-bit number in your IP address. There are so many routers available in the market that can help internet users to make changes in IP addresses, and some are not.

What is Piso wifi?

Talking about the Piso Wi-Fi connection, it is only available in very few locations in Asia. It is a public internet service that can be used by any one of the router users for getting high-speed internet connectivity. 

Mostly, the internet connection or the router is available in all of the small shops or in the business organization. The customers will be able to utilize the high-speed internet connection with a private IP address by paying a certain amount of money for a certain time. In fact, by inserting a small coin into the coin-inserted machine, customers will be again able to utilize the internet facility. 

After that, the internet service provided will give a code that will help the customers to access the internet connection quickly via the wireless network. 

History of Piso internet

The is also identified with the name of pisonet. It is an internet cafe-style Vintage Wi-Fi network connection, which can be only accessible to peso payments. In the Philippines, there is a lot of population and among all of them, this particular internet connection and its popularity has reached tremendously. After 2017, it became widely used internet connectivity, and users can use the internet connection through wifi piso. These are the main reasons behind the popularity of this particular wireless internet connection.

 Advantages of 

There are so many advantages that are also applicable regarding the particular wireless internet connection. If you are looking forward to knowing the benefits of using this private IP International connectivity, then here are the details for you.

  1. All of the Piso internet users will be able to make changes in the wifi configuration or wifi network by visiting the official website of Piso wifi website.
  2. The users will also be able to provide payments Online and can receive the Piso internet invoice. 
  3. If the users can exchange the coupons, then they will also be rewarded with Points, which the users can utilize at a later time.
  4. The service provider will always be ready to provide the services and help to the customers.
  5. With the advantage of Wi-Fi hotspot services, all of the venue owners will be able to bring out lots of other customers and can Increase revenue quickly. 
  6. Even the owners can also take advantage of advertisements, which will help to grow their business and generate more leads and cash.
  7. All of the travel freaks and travel-enthusiastic people will also be able to utilize the wireless internet connectivity without paying extra charges for the roaming data and without taking a new SIM card.
  8. Various users will be able to utilize the advantage of internet connection via laptop computer, mobile phone and other devices.
  9. To access the wireless internet connection, the users will also have to use a strong internet password so that none can access the internet connection.

Login requirements for

Now, let us have a quick look at each one of the login requirements that the users need to insert to access the internet connection.

  1. All of the internet users will have to use the Piso portal Wi-Fi of
  2. Now, the users will have to add the user ID and password with the ADO Wi-Fi router.
  3. To make the internet connection more portable and compatible, users can also visit the official website.
  4. Later, all of the users will also be able to access the high-quality internet connection on mobile phones, laptops, or computers easily.

How to Register for a Piso WiFi Admin Account?

To register or to create an account for the Piso Wi-Fi admin account, you need to follow the below steps to register quickly.

  1. First, all of the users will have to find the Register option by visiting the official website of the Web portal login page.
  2. Now, a registration form will appear on the display, and the users will have to provide all of the necessary details.
  3. After verifying the details, here is the time to click on the submit option.
  4. After that, the authority will send a link to log in to the registered email ID, and by clicking on the link, users will be able to create their account.

How can one pause or stop Piso Wi-Fi?

People who do not want to use the Piso Wi-Fi internet connection for a few days or are going somewhere else should stop or pause the Piso Wi-Fi connection. Apply all of the instructions mentioned below to ensure you stop the Internet connection quickly.

  1. By taking the reference or admin, first, all of the users will have to check whether the router is connected to the internet connection or not.
  2. Now, the users will have to insert in the interface of the router a number, which is “”.
  3. After that, the users will have to find out the option of wireless or Wi-Fi.
  4. Finally, by finding the option between “WLAN Pause” or “Piso Wi-Fi Pause” the users will have to click on it to pause the internet connection.

How Can One Limit The Speed Of Wifi?

If you want to limit the speed of your Wi-Fi or router connection at your house or office, then follow the below steps and perform them all quickly. 

  1. All of the users from the network section will have to find out the option of select speed limiter.
  2. For downloading or uploading any one of the things, users can also set a particular limit or configuration for Global Speed Limited or a default set.
  3. After that, by going to the option TCP/UDP settings, users will be able to increase or decrease the speed of the router or internet connection.
  4. Make sure you save the changes before you leave the settings. 

How to set Password And Username For Piso Wi-Fi 

A lot of people also forget the user ID name or password. It is very easy to set a new user ID name and password quickly for the Piso Wi-Fi router connection. If you are facing the same problem, then here are the following details that you need to follow to set a password and username quickly.

  1. After login to the router, you need to click on the option forget password.
  2. Next, the customer will have to add all of the necessary details regarding their router and IP address. It will quickly bring the account of your Piso Wi-Fi.
  3. Next, by sharing all of the details, the customers will have to go for the submit option.
  4. After that, from the website, the customers will get a link to their registered email ID, and by clicking on the link, customers will be able to set the password and username. 

Customer Support Service Mobile Number

All of the individual customers of the Wi-Fi router can take the assistance of customer support service at any time. Here are some important points that the customers need to keep in their minds.

  1. To get customer support service all of the time, all of the customers need to have an active email address and a working mobile number.
  2. To get the customer support service, the customer care service agent will call you and ask you for a few details. 
  3. The support system is applicable to those who have a Wi-Fi router connection in their house or office. 
  4. Customers who have other problems or any queries can visit the official website and leave a mail to the administrative official mail ID.

Tips to Follow for Setting Up the Piso WiFi 

If you want to set up the router connection or Wi-Fi connection of, then here are the guidelines through which you can set up your Internet connection quickly. The main things that will be required which are an Internet connection and a router. Here are the steps to perform quickly.

  1. First, the customer will have to connect the router to the internet connection.
  2. To start or launch the router now, the customers will have to enter the number “” in the interface of the router.
  3. Next, the customers will have to write down the Username and password and when it will be needed to insert.
  4. Now, the customers will have to find out if the interface is wireless or Wi-Fi area.
  5. After that, all of the customers will have to provide the login information. 
  6. Before submitting the details, make sure you verify all of the login details and password.
  7. Now click on the save option. Automatically, all of the modifications or the data will be saved.
  8. Ultimately, you will be able to set up the router connection and enjoy the unlimited high-speed internet connection. Piso WiFi Portal Login Details

Now follow the below instructions if you want to log in to the router or pause time

  1. First, choose one of the most reliable browser and visit official website.
  2. In the top of the corner, you can find out the option login.
  3. Now, enter your Piso Wi-Fi user ID number and password. 
  4. Then, you will see the Wi-Fi admin login account and click on the signup option.


Here in this whole article, we have provided all of the necessary and informative details regarding the Wi-Fi or router connection. Any internet user who wants to bring out this router connection in their houses or offices can get all of the specific and vital details from here. Besides that, for beginners, we have also informed them of the advantages and other necessary details that will help them to enjoy the unlimited high-speed internet connection. 

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